About Us


Welcome to The Musik Nest! We are a small group of passionate, musical educators offering a fun and unique approach to music & movement learning geared to the Kindermusik curricula and emphasis.

We have been singing, dancing, playing, and twirling with local families for nearly 20-years. The Musik Nest is delighted to offer you Kindermusik – the single BEST choice for your child!

Kindermusik is the world’s leading program in music and movement classes for young children and has been baby_w_drumcreating fun, developmentally appropriate programs for over thirty years. Research proves that music is the only activity for nurturing every area your child’s developing brain – social, emotional, cognitive, literacy, fine and gross motor skills, language and musicality. From birth onward, music is the BEST way for your child’s brain and body to grow and learn!

The musical selections we enjoy at The Musik Nest are of high quality and are rich in cultural diversity so you and your child will discover classical composers like Bach and Mozart, American Folk, contemporary composers, well-known child favorites, and cultural traditions around the globe from Mexico, Africa, China, Japan, Europe, India and more. At The Musik Nest, we have seen parent_dancingcontinually that all children thrive when they are exposed to a variety of musical styles and sounds.

Which is why we are MORE than just a music program, we are a musical experience that will enrich your child’s total development and bring your family many happy memories for years to come! The fact that MUSIC IS FUN should not be underestimated. Stimulating, amusing activities like playing music and dancing will capture and hold your child’s interest and satisfy their craving for fun, while providing them with invaluable learning that will endure with them for the rest of their lives!

We look forward to sharing this wonderful experience of music and discovery with your family!

Musically Yours,

Miss Rebecca Heib
The Musik Nest