Our Program Policies

Can I Preview a class BEFORE I join?

Yes! Coming to a free preview class is an excellent way for you and your child to become acquainted with The Musik Nest before you register. We would love for you both to meet the teacher, to experience the activities we enjoy in class, and to truly discover how music nurtures EVERY area of your child’s developing brain and body. To schedule a free Kindermusik class preview, please send us an email to info@themusiknest.com and we will be glad to assist you!

Can I enroll my child in a class at anytime?

Absolutely – you can join an open, ongoing class at any time during the session! This is because we are in a constant state of motion in our learning process. We gradually swap old activities out for new ones, and add on to old activities to expand upon their potential to teach. So no matter when you join you’ll find that there is something new in class and you’ll be learning it along with all the other families. So we welcome you to join the fun and learning at any point during the session. Plus we will gladly prorate the classes you’ve missed!

I’d like to enroll my child, but I have my younger/older child with me – what can I do?

At The Musik Nest, we embrace the whole family and have many ways to accommodate siblings in class, which varies by the age group…

In the Kindermusik Toddlers class, we welcome infants who are up to 8-months old (worn in a baby carrier) to join their sibling’s Kindermusik Toddlers class at no charge. Once they turn 8-months old, they will need to be enrolled at a special rate of $9.00 per class. Otherwise, the drop-in fee is $15 per class. (Due to space considerations, we are unable to accommodate infants in car seats. Thank you!)

Given the unique class settings during each Kindermusik class and in order to be fair to the other families enrolled, there is a $15.00 drop-in fee for children who are siblings, relatives and/or friends of your child who come to participate in a class with your child! (Ages allowed vary by class.) Please clear this with us in advance, so we can make sure not to overcrowd our classes.

All siblings are welcome to join our Kindermusik Preschoolers classes and Kindermusik Young Child classes during the “Family Sharing Time” at the end of each class at no charge.

Sorry, we are unable to accommodate older siblings in our Kindermusik Babies classes. They are welcome to sit out in our waiting area quietly if they are able to do so. You know best!

I’d like to enroll multiple children. Do you offer a sibling discount?

Yes! We offer a $20 discount ($10 for our Spring & Summer Sessions) for siblings residing at the same address, whether it’s the same class or a different one. If siblings are taking the same class, we can also deduct for materials, as siblings can share one set of materials.

What is your Make-up policy?

While we sincerely make every effort to provide make-ups for your missed classes, make-ups are not guaranteed as they are subject to availability! To ensure a rich and wonderful experience for all of our families in each class, we will not overbook nor overcrowd our classes. Therefore as a courtesy, we are happy to offer up to three scheduled make-ups* (two for Spring & Summer Sessions,) within the same session as the missed classes, on a space available basis only. These must be scheduled in advance by emailing us –  make sure you have received a response as to whether there is space available prior to attending…we recommend 24 hour notice to ensure we have time to reply. There are no refunds, transfers, substitutions, or credits for missed classes, and make-ups do not carry over to the next session. Thank you!

* Please note: There are no make-ups in our Young Child classes.

What if my child is sick?

In consideration of other families, if your child is coughing, sneezing or has a runny nose that is not clear in color, it may be a good idea to stay home. (Please see Make-up policy above.)

What if it snows? Will there be class?

In the case of snow/inclement weather conditions, we will always announce on our facebook page if classes are canceled. Please check there to find out if we are holding classes or not.

What is your refund policy?

Like other activities your child is enrolled in, whether swimming, dance, or sports, when you register we reserve a space in the class for your child for the entire session. As classes have a maximum number of children we can accept, we unfortunately have to turn away families as your space is reserved for your child, and we will not give it away nor overcrowd our classes. Because we are a small, locally owned business, cancellations greatly affect us and we appreciate your understanding of this.

Should a withdrawal become necessary prior to the beginning of the session, a full class credit towards a future session, or a refund less a $45.00 administrative processing fee ($20.00 for Spring/Summer Sessions) will be given. Once the session begins, if for some reason you need to cancel your class, as a courtesy we can provide a prorated credit towards a future session with us. NO Refunds once the session begins!

If you would like to enjoy a free preview before enrolling, we are happy to schedule a visit for you and your child so you both can experience firsthand what our classes are like, ask questions and meet your teacher. For more information on free previews, please contact us at 425-427-0984. Thank you!